Saturday, March 24, 2018

Appreciating and Creating: In Philadelphia.

The No'Easter just passed by and I was able to get a flight out on Thursday, March 22, 2018 to Philadelphia International Airport.  All  flights out on Wednesday were cancelled from Fort Lauderdale so I was concerned and felt fortunate that the storm did change my travel plans.  The flight was quick and my 4:30 out of Ft. Lauderdale landed around 7:11pm in Philadelphia.  I found the information booth, asked about the Train to Center City and I was guided to the signs to the platform.  I purchased a ticket from the kiosk machine which was $6.75  and  on the train as I saw when I was on board the price cash paid to the conductor is $9.00.

I came to Philadelphia for one reason:  To learn and appreciate  the craft of  a sign painter and learn Casual Lettering. Day one at the Better Letters Mike Meyer Workshop in Philadelphia hosted by Gibb Connors.

This student actually is a sign painter.

No pictures of me here I had them on my phone and posted them on instagram for day one.  I learned how to decode the shape of letters which was more difficult than I originally  thought.  The painting technique was tricky also.  The paint consistency has to be right too thin it drips too thick it tis hard to pull the brush.  Yeah.  The appreciation for the magic sign painters can pull off really started to grow  on day one.

I had a chance to wander around the city in the morning before the workshop and I took a few pictures.

These photos were taken in the Little Italy section of Philadelphia.  I am getting ready for day two here in Philadelphia.  Casual letters day.

Day 2 Better Letters Casual Lettering and Script.  Well, I was disappointed honestly.  This is why I came to Philadelphia  to get a grip on Casual Lettering and it was a disappointing day for most of the participants in the workshop too.  I say this only because when the people in class start cursing like "this sucks" as they are lettering you know they are not enjoying it.  Even people who do graphic design were struggling today and one person who is a sign painter did not get a handle on the script.
First no individual strokes are taught.  Just a demonstration and then you are on your own.  No booklet or paper or poster with the order of the brush strokes were shown either.  I spent the whole day trying to teach myself to get the Casual Letters to look okay.  I  asked Mike to please paint me a reference alphabet and I watched carefully to pick as many tips  as I could.  After that I did do better.  I did not do the script at all.  I didn't see the point in it when I could  barely get casual.  I think most people at that workshop needed more time with casual.  TWO hours was not enough time.  Here are my sheets of practice from the day. 
Morning practice.  I like my Q.  Mike came and painted his Q on my practice sheet after I finished mine.

Practicing the angle edge strokes.

End of Morning practice.

Afternoon on my own continuing to practice casual.

At 4pm I finished this alphabet and left the workshop an hour early.

After I left the workshop, I took the dirty Philly Subway to Center City.  I got something to eat at Hip City, a vegan place and ate sweet potato fries as I walked around the city. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Living and Appreciating: St. Augustine

I started this entry on January 14, 2018
It is a three day weekend and I decided to go for a little trip.  I hadn't really spend any time in St. Augustine so I planned a road trip to come stay for two days.

When  I arrived,  I was cold!!  it  was 53 F and it dropped down to 48 with cloudy skies and breezes.  But then at one point it all changed and the clouds parted as if my magic and it was a cloudless sunny day.  I love these kind of moments. Because in Montreal, I would be all  prepared and  here I  think  53  not  cold.. yes cold with humidity.

Emmie or is her name Ellie, the tour guide for Colonial Quarter.
I parked in the Historic Parking Garage and it is perfectly located behind the St. Augustine Welcome Center. In the welcome center I purchased a pass for the Colonial Quarter and the Castillo de San Marcos.  Colonial Quarter was funny.  I recommend it.  The tour guide Ellie demonstrated how blacksmiths worked and told the history of the area in a really pop culture sort of way.

At the Castillo de San Marcos, actors were re-enacting the possible historical scenarios that took place there during various times.  The  costumes were amazing and they really  made the  Castillo come alive for  me.  I  highly recommend  visiting this site.

I wandered around and made my way to Flagler College.  It is definitely a must  visit.

This dome is magnificient.

I wandered around the city taking photos of houses.  I came across this house randomly and it was a house that Martin Luther King Jr. slept at when he was in St.  Augustine.  I just stood there and cried because I was there on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  It was my favorite part of my whole trip.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Creating and Appreciating: hygge

I love coming across new words. For some reason hygge crossed my path on the internet. Once I read what it meant, I understood why I came to learn of this word. It is a Danish word. It is when one recognizes a special feeling or moment that is ordinary or extraordinary but is cozy and charming.
     So lately  I have just been enjoying the comforts of my toasty bed, the feeling of fuzzy socks and just being alone in my house with my cats -- all hygge moments.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Living: What I wear when it's Freezing

I have been wanting to do this video for a long time and I finally just went ahead and did it. I hope it contains some useful information.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Creating: brush lettering

I  have been practicing brush script and really enjoying it.  I started taking a class by Jen Schow. I really enjoy the style of Amy Tan though and I couldn't find her brush script class online so  I started learning the formal basics from Jen. I analyzed  Amy's  style  to produce something similar to her kid friendly looking script.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Creating: One Little word.

Ali Edwards, a scrapbooker, artist, creator that I have admired for years, has a concept she trademarked called  "One Little Word." It is the concept that you pick one word to help you focus your efforts for the year.  My word is "create", but  I have extended it to be create, share, repeat.  I plan on blogging more.  I know  every year I say that.  Well I am saying it again.  I plan on sharing more of my stuff.  Sometimes  I just sit on most of it.  Thank you for reading  my blogs  and I hope  you can leave comments and share your life with me as well.

I started to learn how to do brush script.  So as my first share I am posting the result of my beginning practice lettering.  Happy New Year 2018 everyone.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Appreciating: Inspiration Jacob Fellander How to Unlock a Portal

During Art Basel,  I had the opportunity to see the work of Jacob Fellander.  He creates photographic images using a  technique involving multiple exposures. He travels around the world creating these images.  The prints are large scale.

Seeing his artwork inspired me to start a series of urban multiple exposures that I love.  They can be seen on my facebook page for my photography

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Appreciating: The Power in People

I went to see the Jazz concert at the Museum of Contemporary Art and  I saw these two  people on a bench.  I  walked  passed them several times when  I felt the need to go over and  ask them  their  story.  I  simply walked over and  said," Hi, would  you tell me the story behind the braces?" She said  she was in a car  accident and was in a coma for six months and her ankle was effected.  The doctors gave her a wheel chair  but she refused  to  sit in it and so she  can walk now. She  told  his  story.  He was in a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for 4 months and  his knee has hyperextension.  Then  she  told  me, they met and got married and had a baby girl.  She named the daughter, Faith. She  said you have to have faith in yourself because no one is going to have it for  you. They come to the Jazz concert events often and sit in the first row.  I  hope you can tell from this picture she is a beautiful soul and he kinda just goes with the flow. I asked to take their  picture because I wanted t remember the power of them and their story.  I  offered to email them a copy, but she said they don't have email or fancy phones. They have  each other.

Lisanne Lyons in concert, Moca Jazz series  August 25, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

Appreciating: Visit to the P.A.M.M.

I  decided to go to the Nu Deco Ensemble to present Sacred Geometry at the Perez Art Museum in Miami (PAMM)Sacred Geometry is a meditative electro-acoustic performance on visual sound patterns generated by resonances of sound waves with music by Ricardo Romaneiro and live visual projections by Christian Hannon. Before that event was a drink and dj event.  People just gather around outside the museum and  socialize.

I love the expression on her face in reaction to what is in the bag.

The museum featured a repeat  installation from their Opening day called For Those in Peril on the Sea (2011), an installation by Hew Locke.

Here is a video from my experience in the Haroon Mirza installation.  The  sound was suffocating after even a minute.

The light and sound performance of the Nu  Deco  Ensemble was serene and relaxing compared to the Haroon Mirza.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Appreciating: Chronic Pain -How I found my Cure

In this video, I begin sharing my story. It is not in chronological order. The pieces of the puzzle that I remember and use did not occur to be in order so the video will seem to be all over the place. These messages are meant for people to think about their lives and the lives of others and hopefully find a parallel connection. My wish is for all other to discover the healing cure for themselves. I had chronic pain in my knees, back, and feet. I had anxiety and panic attacks. I had restless leg syndrome. etc...


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