Thursday, January 19, 2017

Creating: 19/365 Right in the Nose A Photo a day.


I decided to go to the art museum today to search for a picture. Just when I was about to leave. The security personnel approached me and asked," You know about the two pieces outside?" I didn't. But I knew where they meant they would be. I went outside and saw an exercise class. The artwork was interactive. I was asked to join the class. but I declined. I asked to take photos and caught this, "Right in the Nose."

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Living: Montreal Freezing Rain

Today I ventured out around 10 am to go to the Redpath Museum.  I knew the weather was going to change from cold to cold and raining, I just didn't know when it was going to happen.  When I stepped out of the Redpath Museum,  I noticed it was nice just cold..  I decided to go ahead and make my way to the Centre-Eaton Mall to see the Wax Figures in the Grevin Museum.  I really wanted to see Andy Warhol and  Zombie boy.  When I  made my way out the doors of Centre Eaton after visiting the museum it was drizzling.  I went to step and immediately noticed it was super slippery.  There was no way I was going to walk the streets and sidewalks easily, so I decided to duck into the metro.  After I ran my errand of returning a mason jar  to  La  Panthere Verte (that is how  they pack take out food and you return the glass mason jar for a return on your $1 deposit.)  I walked a very short and slippery slope up to Sherbrooke Street and decided to take the bus.  The bus stop was close to the corner and a stop was right across from the hotel so it was perfect.   I stayed in the rest of the day.  I ate vegan ice cream, and drank vegan hot chocolate and watch TV in French.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Creating: 365 Photo a day for a year journey

I had tried this before, the 365 - a photo a day for a year challenge and did not make it through.  I am here to try again.  My photos are posted in a flickr group and I will be blogging some of them here.  Here is the first one.

I was walking toward the back of the Mont Royal metro station in Montreal, Canada, when I noticed all these beautiful chunky pigeons roosting on the edge of the building.  I realized those edges  were vents.  Smart warm pigeons.  Something from inside shook and spooked some of the pigeons.  As the pigeons flew back, I grabbed this shot.


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