Saturday, April 8, 2017

Living: Montreal 2015

I was cleaning my camera cards for  my next trip to Montreal, Canada when I came  across some  video footage I had forgotten  about.  It was from July 2015 during the Juste Pour Rire festival.  I  especially love the parades. La Parade Endiablee (The Fantastic Parade) featured a massive amount of  twins in costumes.  That parade is one of the best I have seen in  Montreal.  The  video and audio of the music footage is straight out  of the camera.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Living: Botox, what happpened after I stopped getting the injections

I  decided to start botox injections several years  ago  to reduce  the  lines on my face from  the  expressions  I was making, because  I  scowled  alot even without knowing I was doing it.  After the injections, my forehead was smooth  and  beautiful!  I  was delighted!  Problem  solved; no  more scowl  expression!  Every  six  months,  I returned to the dermatologist's office for another 6 month  dose. After a few years  I  decided to see what  would  happen if  I took a break for  a month.  My  face immediately went into the scowl  expression, but I noticed  something else.  Please  watch  the video  for more information.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Living: Why I quit using the no poo method

After 4 years of using the no poo method of washing my hair (baking soda and apple cidar vinegar), I am finally calling it quits. My hair was so dry and brittle. I just am not a conditioner kinda gal. I tried using oils, but it seemed to make the other reason I am quitting the no poo method worse. OIL BUILDUP. It seemed that all the clarifying methods I tried only worked temporarily and over time stopped working all together. The copious amounts of oil created a gooey film on my scalp that I could not seem to clean. My comb and brush were always full with lint and this gooey oil combination and I just could not stand it anymore. Click here to see the playlist of my no poo method journey if you are interested in knowing how the process works.


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