Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 29- Go Vegan Simple smoothie

This is such a refreshing  dessert.  Simple 2 apples, one cup of coconut water  and a sliver of fresh ginger.

Blentec Blender:  Run the ingredients  at Whole Juice setting, then  add ice  if you wish and run  on ice crush.

Hope you exploring the vegan diet and feeling the health benefits and a surge in energy.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 28- Go vegan- smoothie

So  a big part of health is getting the nutrients  inside your body.  People are pressed for time and busy, so smoothies are the perfect  solution to get nutritious combinations inside your body.  People  simply like to  drink  flavors. I know I do. 

Here is the  recipe  I made minus the flaxseed .

Hope you start trying smoothies.  This recipe  is yummy.  I added  lots of ice to make it a colder smoothie.

I used a Blend-tec blender and  Ffrst  put the kale, apples, and pineapple with the water  on smoothie mode, then  I added ice and  ran it under the ice crush/milkshake setting.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 27 - Go Vegan because even people who don't want to do it - try it

I would  say  everyone knows that  being a vegan is good for you and the planet, but that it  not true  everyone  doesn't know  about eating vegan.  I met one of these people in a doctor's  office, it was the secretary.  I was talking  and I mentioned that I was vegan and her immediate reaction was," What's vegan?"

More than ever  the words Vegan and celebrity and being put together in headlines.  People just want to be better.  They are the role models society look to for trends and  how to live. More and more people are becoming aware of what  vegan means.

Ne- Yo the musician - entertainer  is reportedly made his 2013 New Year's resolution to want to try to become  vegan.  People  stuck  in a certain  mindset  may  not  find living a gentler kinder way easy at first after  eating  like the cruel masses  all their life...We will see if Ne-Yo  can do it,  I know he can if he is serious  about being more humane.

Live Science 2013 article  about more people  resolving to change their diet.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 26- Go vegan - food trucks

People  ask me  with  frequency  the  same question:  Where do you eat, like what  restaurants  do you go to?  And it is true  unless you live in a place  like Montreal, Canada  or  some other vegan/ vegetarian  wonderland, the options  of eating  out are slim if you want to be a purist and eat in a vegan only establishment. and  offer listings of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.   I also  eat at Whole Foods. Food  trucks  are now offering vegans another option.  Trucks travel  (you know that) so that  is great!  They practically  come to you.

I ate from  Mushaboom  food truck.  They are not organic  unfortunately.  I tried the
Chickpea Parmigiana Burger
Chickpea patty with marinara and Daiya mozzarella

It was quite tasty and  from  my days  of eating Chicken Parmigiana, my  taste buds said, "This tastes like Chicken Parmigiana."  I need to add  I am not sure how accurate by taste bud memory is, so try it for yourself.

Mushaboom is a more of what I think of as a junk food vegan truck.  They serve fries and soda too.
If you are trying to go vegan,  try finding and eating at a vegan  food truck to try the recipes  and possibilities.

Broward and Dade County Based Food Truck.  

Peta  link to food trucks

Organic and Vegan  Food Trucks in LA

Vegan Food Trucks Sweeping Nation -  lists  food  trucks  across main cities in USA

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 25- Go Vegan Know your herbs & spices

As a Vegan,  I tend  not to want to put  toxins  such as aspirin, and pain pills in my  now delicately  balanced  system -out of respect for all the hard  work  that  I have done and out of respect for my body.  Knowing the healing powers  of herbs  really  can  help  reduce the uncomfortable  moments  in life that  everyone experiences  from  time to time.  The remedies are right in your  grocery  store or local  farmers  market..

Here are a few  links.  My  favorite  herb  is thyme.

BBC  Good Food  The healing power  of herbs

The Healing power of herb and spices

5 spices  with incredible healing power


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