Tuesday, May 7, 2013

creating: cat muzzle -sewing

So  I have a muzzle for my cat. I know what you are thinking-  cruel  right.  It is more  of a calming thing.  He purrs when you put it on.
 Well the seams inside always bothered me..that  doesn't seem comfortable  so I finally  decided to try to make one by putting all the seams on the outside.

 It is a mess of a sewing job, but he purred the moment  I put it on.
 I love the contour it created on his nose!.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Creating: Fashion Design Class Miami Dade College a dud

I signed up for the  Fashion Design class with Jill Odermann as the teacher  at Hammock Middle  and the class was cancelled  2 hours and 45 minutes  before the class!  To me that is not cool  -I have things  I had planned out  to go there. And I was already there, I drove an hour to get there.  I missed the email  that was sent cancelling the class because I was driving there.  I just  thought Miami Dade College's policy to cancel  that  last  minute  is disrespectful to everyone's time. it is making me rethink the other  class I signed  up for.  i know the universe is doing me a favor though and for that  I am thankful, even though it doesn't feel good  now  because I was looking forward to the class.


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