Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 30: Go Vegan the complete list of the 30 days

Here is the list to all the posts  I wrote and made links to for the Go vegan in 30 days.  I hope you find the information  helpful  and feel free to comment  with any questions.

Mind you  not all vegans are created equal..  I am not a junk food vegan.  That is  I refrain from  eating a lot of baked goods and pasta  or fried foods.  I don't add sugar to my tea and  I stay  away from  agave a majority of the time.

I really  hope that you find your new found interest in  or journey  to veganism  as rewarding as I do everyday.  I am here to help if you need, but please read through all the posts  before you send  any questions..Thank you


Day  1: Chia Seeds
Day 2: Giving up dairy
Day 3: Eating is not a matter of taste
Day 4: Super Foods
Day 5:  Alkaline Foods
Day 6: Sugar is Toxic
Day 7: Compassion for others
Day 8: Losing weight inspirational video link
Day 9: Food facts  Gluten, Preservatives, and Meat
Day 10: Planning Meals and recipes
Day 11: Baby steps schedule for the week
Day 12: Restaurants
Day 13: B12
Day 14: Myths debunked
Day 15: What I had for lunch
Day 16: Go nuts
Day 17: Celebrity Vegans
Day18: Recipe sites
Day 19: Know your Tea
Day 20: Coconut Water
Day 21: VegNews
Day 22: 10 Superfoods
Day 23: Vanity Vegan
Day 24: Vegan is a lifestyle
Day 25: Know your herbs and spices
Day 26: Food trucks
Day 27: Go vegan, even people who don't want to go vegan try it
Day 28: Smoothie 1
Day 29: Smoothie 2 Dessert
Day 30:  this post.


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