Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Living: eating that cleans your teeth

My latest new thing to do is to eat kale in the morning.  Now I find  out that is great  for keeping your teeth clean.  I also  drink green tea during the day  (in stain steel  and I am learning that that is not a good idea smh  at all the things I am learning that I previously  thought was safe.)

Here read this article and  keep  those teeth beautiful..

 5 Foods to keep your teeth clean VEG news

Friday, November 29, 2013

Living: food healing

I  just posted this on facebook...

So I am thinking maybe of my friends don't realize why I am such a FOOD "freak." and vegan. Do you know why? leave comments or guess...

one person chimes allergies....  I  replied...
"allergies" but not really ...more like poisoning that doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, they rarely check for food toxicity.. An accumulation of toxins caused all sorts of inflammation in my body. Symptoms were from chronic fatigue, and were exactly like Fibromyalgia ( a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.) If you are being poisoned of course your brain isn't going to process signals correctly.. there is a CURE.. the same thing that causes it cures it.. food.. I was wearing knee braces and had a lot of pain the doctors said I would have to get injections for the rest of my life.... I was guided through spirit to stop eating meat and I felt better then I stopped eating pizza and I felt even better then I started eating more organic and started to et raw vegetables and I am cured. I can sit criss cross applesauce style on the floor after not being able to do that for a while. I am not perfect but I don't take pain pills (that kills your liver) I wake up thankful for the knowledge and healing I have. And I would like to share it with others.

What I forgot to write was  that I had an MRI  on my knees  before my diet  and they  found a degeneration  and  after  my diet  I had a another one  I didn't tell the doctor about the diet  and I didn't  mention  anything about  the degeneration  before the MRI.  the results  mentioned  nothing  about it,  it was gone and so was the pain  that  I had experienced  that was associated with it!!!!!

Living: Permaculture

So  I don't believe in coincidences.  I met someone  while  redoing a website for him and is all into gardening, specifically food.  He knows someone I know (which I found out later, small world) and I just love the energy that  came out of our conversation  and  now  due to the fact he is into  permaculture, Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. I am  simply  fascinated  as to why  I didn't  know  this before  (I guess it wasn't time.)

I just started  researching this  as I would like to start growing my own food.  Here is a wiki explanation of permaculture.

Here are some of the things I found  online.

Permaculture  links

Free pdf  on Permaculture

Permaculture Activist

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Living: Letter from a High School Friend

We are friends on facebook and haven't seen each other in person for awhile. I received this letter via facebook and asked if it was okay to post to my blog. I started crying the instant I read the last paragraph.

Hello Melina,
Well, you finally did it. Your posts have convinced me and my husband to try going vegetarian. We can no longer consume animals knowing how horribly they are treated.
We started going vegetarian today. We had a long talk and agreed that we could not continue to eat animals. So, now we're trying to change our lifestyle to cut meat out of our diet. We may end up vegan one day, but we're starting out vegetarian. I'm nervous because I've been making meals based on some sort of meat and a side all of my life. Now, I've got to find easy-to-make, healthy vegetarian options. And snacks. And we're very social, going to people's homes and having people over for dinner all the time. Any tips based on your experiences might help us. I hope you don't mind sharing.
Thank you for being so persistent and and courageous. I was often angry at you for posting some of the stuff you put on Facebook, but my ire was rooted in my own guilt. Every time I pet my dog, I felt like a fraud. I was fighting doing the right thing because becoming vegetarian seemed so difficult and alien. But the inconvenience is far outweighed by the atrocities being inflicted on animals. And I know that once we move to a vegetarian lifestyle, it will become part of our lives, no harder than our current diet.
Thank you again for inspiring us to do the right thing. We are attempting the change. I think we'll be able to do it. I'll contact you if I hit any obstacles, if you don't mind.
All the best,
Jim Bennett

We are all one and we all make a difference in each other's lives. Thank you Jim for letting me know this.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Living: Shopping for Food

I came across this video.  Many  people  just  need an education on food.  Not what the government and commercials  want them to buy and get hooked on, but the simple facts  about healthy living.

How to Shop for food.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Creating: Fashion Design Class Week 5, 6, 7, and 8

I decided to just condense my posts  for the finale  of my Fashion Design class.

Week 5: An then there were only 5 - 3 people  did not show.  We bought in our skirts from the pattern we drafted.  One of the girls  is a seamstress, so hers was made to perfection.  I played with my pattern.  I am trying to figure of how to draft  my design.  I thought it would be easy..several muslins  (toiles) later still no final pattern...Like someone who comments recently on a post..pattern making takes time...

Week 6: We just talked about fashion schools and and nothing much else happened in class.
Week 7:  I decided not to go to class and I stayed home to sew.

Week 8: The presentation week.  This is a picture of my outfit, the one I had been working on.

Here is the mood board I created for my final presentation. My outfit represents the middle illustration and the model in the photo represents the left illustration.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creating: Ultimate Tee- Shirt Craftsy

 I tried the Ultimate Tee Shirt class by Craftsy.  This is my first attempt.  The neckline is a mess.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew 2 Week one and two

I decided..even though it is very rough on my schedule to take  Learn to Sew part 2 with Rucht D'Oleo.  The more  I see her  the more I like her.  She is tough  I think that is why.  I like the teacher  that pushes you.  First  class  was  run don't walk and  some of us (including me) didn't bring all our stuff.  (Hanging my head).

First class we drafted necklines from slopers  and  are learning to draft FACINGS.  Next week  BIAS tape!! YES!! (arm pump).

For homework  and yes again her class  has a lot of homework  and  this time she has it  that if you don't do the homework.  you don't have any classwork, because the homework is the setup for the classwork, at least next class is that way.  Somehow  I see that it is probably  going to be that for all the sessions.

Week two --Well in class I totally  got confused with the turning of the facings and we ( the class) didn't get to do bias tape and now we all are behind on the syllabus.  This sewing is definitely  a lot of work.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Creating: Fabric stores in Miami Dade and Broward County, Florida

One question  new Fashion Design students ask  is:  Where are the fabric  stores?

I decided to compile a list of the ones  I have visited with pictures and comments.  This list will be growing as I learn of more.

Arnold's Fabrics and Trim 12918 NW 7th Ave North MiamiFL 33168

Located off of 441 in North Miami, Arnold's Fabrics and Trim is easy to miss, as it is in a small and narrow strip store block.  The parking lot is difficult to maneuver in and the side lot  has broken glass and trash.

Inside are piles of bolts, all unlabeled.  If you need to know the fiber content of your fabrics, this is not the store to shop. And don't ask the help to tell you what the fabrics are they will look at the fabric from afar and just say anything, don't believe the answer- they don't know what it is. Tables are labeled  $1, $3, $4 and they have some notions and zippers.  The quality of fabric is definitely - you get what you pay for. 

Fabrics for Less 19954 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33169-2904

This is a small fabric store that doesn't have a clearance or red tag section.  I noticed, swimsuit fabrics, special occasion fabrics, suitings, and home decor fabrics.  Prices range from 5.99 to 12.99 a yard on average.  The selection of fabrics is very small compared to the other fabric stores I have visited so far.

Isa Couture Fabrics 200 NE 30th St Miami, FL 33137

If you want to have fine fabrics from Valentino and other couture designers, then this is the place you want to shop.  There are tags that list the fiber content of each fabric. Each section is divided and labeled according to type of fabric.  There are no price tags and if you are shopping here then price is no object.  While I was there a customer asked  how much for a yard.  I heard  $65.. and I walked out of the store.

Parking is on the street and the when you go inside there is a big sign reminding you of this.

Joann Fabrics 4700 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021

In this picture the store looks neat.  I complimented an employee about it and she said  they were rolling the fabric for inventory.  I wish they always did this.  The store is usually beyond messy and hard to shop the fabric section because there are fabrics on the floor and in the wrong place. The new employees are not that helpful, nice, or knowledgeable about sewing and crafts.  However  you can get free samples of the fabric at this store.  Parking is ample and free.

Joann Fabrics 7706 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL

This is a big Joann's with plenty of apparel fabrics.  The rows and rows of fabrics are neatly organized and priced.  Each section has a lot of each type of fabric.  For example the selection of suiting materials is more extensive than the Joann Hollywood, Florida store.
There is a wide range of notions as well.  The stores appears clean and the customers were quiet on the day I went.

Ultra Fabrics 8584 SW 40th St MiamiFL 33155

This store is a dream.  Gorgeous prints!  Good prices  5.99- to 12 dollars on average.
Plenty of fabrics to choose from and they have clearance fabrics. I didn't have time to shop, but I will soon!

Joann's Fabrics
Joann's Fabrics
Joann's Fabrics
Joann's Fabrics

Rex Fabrics

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Creating: Pattern Making Class Week 3

I am little behind this week with everything, including this blog.   In class last week, we were drafting torso slopers.  I still have to sew mine up in muslin for tomorrow!!!!  Thankfully I have some of the morning to do that too.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Creating: Week 4 Fashion Design class Broward college

Homework from week three: Bring in a pair of your favorite pants, some pattern paper, and your sketchbook completed up to date.

The historical personality that I chose to be inspired by for my 20 sketches this week was Frida Kahlo.  I chose Frida, for two reasons.  One I know her story and two  I am familiar with her personal style.

I created an inspiration collage.

And I created some sketches and technical drawings.

I wish I knew how to make patterns from my sketches, because I really like some of my designs.  Next week's homework is to create three sketches for your final collection, pick a pattern to create for your garment for your final project, and pattern a pencil skirt and sew the muslin!!!

This class is not for the faint hearted and it will not (in my opinion) be a cakewalk for a newbie  who doesn't put in the time or effort to learn on his/her own..this last part s just a bit of information for those who might want to take the class.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Creating: Pattern class week 2

Second week in pattern class.  Wow I feel like I am in way over my head.  I am just thankful that I am being exposed to patternmaking in person.  This week we (the class) fitted the muslin, we pulled off the paper pattern.  My muslin needed a few adjustments and now I need to re trace the pattern and sew up the muslin.

first muslin
re-tracing the pattern

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Creating: A line skirt Craftsy

My A line skirt.  I made some omission mistakes..Like not  finishing the raw edges before I started sewing the fabric to prevent unraveling.

Here I have the yoke, the invisible zipper which is still unfinished...and the seaming...

And here is the finished skirt.  My first mostly properly sewn garment..voila

Monday, July 1, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew Week 6

Last week of my Learn to Sew class.  Our final project was due.  I wore my skirt that I patterned and created from the A line Craftsy class.  I had some issues before class -my machine needle bolt broke,  the walking foot that I purchased to sew knits  didn't work on knits.  My needle was poking holes in the fabric..  too much drama. So at the last minute  before class I cut another A line skirt.

Rucht D'Oleo the teacher expected us to finish  our project in class, but most of us didn't.  I especially didn't since I didn't have everything I need to complete anything and then I made a planning mistake  I forgot to sew in the darts, so i had to pull out the stitches.  Needless to say   did not get much done during our last class time together.

I was happy I went because  Rucht D'Oleo  handed out certificates!!!

I might take Learn to Sew 2.  It just  depends on my schedule...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Living and Appreciating: 3 pigeons and the spirits

I was driving to sewing class and right in the middle of the road was a pigeon.  You might think  ..so....This pigeon in the road  was not going to move.  I can tell these things..  I bird watch..  I had to swerve to avoid it.  Near the next light,  a pigeon flew down into the street  right in front on my car.  I stopped and honked my horn.  I didn't want to hurt it  and  was thinking about the car behind me...hoping they would be nice.  Before the next light,  again a pigeon flew down into the street in front of me.  I stopped.  Universe is talking to me.  This is an undeniable sign.  When things happen in threes  I take notice and action...Signs are a door  to walk through.  I stopped all the noise in my head and returned to peace and re-centered.  Thank you universe.

I went to sewing class.

After class was over, two people from my class were having a conversation in Spanish.  I can barely understand Spanish  unless I know the context.  However for "some reason",  I felt the need to be noisy and ask what was going on.  The woman told me that her mother was stressed out and that she had nothing to be stressed out about.  The doctors cannot find anything wrong with her.  I hesitated  but I knew I had to help somehow and said it is spirits.  I asked  does she get charlie horses in the morning? She has strange pains and nothing is wrong with her..Sounds right.  I told them about the time I was walking through a parking lot and I walked through "something"  it was like it hit me or walked through me."  Both woman said immediately afterwards that they both got chills.  

I explained that I knew how the Mom felt because I had gone through that my whole life.  The woman eager to help her mother inquired about how I was able to "solve" it.  I told her  how  I was guided to some videos  that show the clearing of spirits process and that I live by that now.  I emailed her the information immediately when I returned home.  I really hope this guidance helps them, because I felt that I (as in universal spirit) was meant to share it with them today.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Creating: Fashion Design class Week 3

The homework  last week was intense.  I am posting some pictures of some pieces of the assignments.

Inspiration collage

Inspired by birds.

Using Architecture as inspiration collage.

In class today, Ms. Asanyah Davidson went over fabrics and explained the different types and how they are made.  We watched a video  on how jeans are manufactured- from cotton in the field to being packed for distribution.

Next week's homework is  gatheringfabric swatches and making more sketches from inspiration.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Creating: Patternmaking class Week 1

Well,  I finally got to meet Jill Odermann.  She is the teacher for the patternmaking class I am taking on Sundays this summer.  Now I am definitely sad  the fashion design class was cancelled, but at the same time  still  remember  it was for the best.   Jill Odermann  definitely is a WIZ KID at pattern drafting..  She can  whip up a bodice in about 5 minutes... even.less if she wasn't talking to us. A girl in my class drove two hours  to take this class and this is her second time taking it!  I am excited  to see what  I can create  after  having slopers to use for pattern drafting.  Here is a picture of the paper pattern  from class.  For homework  I have to sew a muslin..

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew week 5

This week everyone brought in their patterns and the teacher helped everyone trace them and cut out the fabric pieces.  I couldn't believe that we actually were going to start a project.  I was still working on my Aline skirt  and trying to remember how to do sports seams.  We also  learned button holes and  how to sew a button- a very valuable skill that was more difficult than I thought it would be to learn.  For homework  we have to do three button holes and buttons and actually  close with one another.

Here is a picture of the french seam that I did in Organdy for homework  from last class.

I have so much to do now.  I have to get fabric for my final project, cut it and  get ready to sew it for next class!!  Plus all my homework for fashion design class.

Creating: Fashion Design Class Broward College week 2

Ok  NOW I know why  Ms.Davidson  said  we would want to call her at 3am!! Week two assignments  are alot of homework and  I peeked at week 3 assignments  and that is alot too. By peeking..I mean all the assignments  are online, I just looked at the future weeks work..  Ms. Davidson did an awesome job organizing the course and you know exactly what is expected from you. If  I don't do these assignments immediately after class there is no way  I could  make up the time to complete this all at once!!.  So if you take this course- dedicate time to it  otherwise the end  will not be fun.

Here is one of my croquis figures  from Week one's homework assignment:

First attempt, Ms. Davidson drew some correcting lines on this figure.

Second attempt,  I redrew the figure and taped the second version over the first croquis.

In class, Ms. Davidson asked to see our homework.  ONLY TWO people did it!  I was one of them.  She gave me feedback on my Croquis figures and helped me to see my mistakes in analysis and  I told her I would redo some  and I did and I drew  some more too.  Well, for the  in class assignment you needed...you guess it, the croquis figure  to do the classwork.  I was glad I was set, being prepared  makes the class easier and the feedback from the teacher gives you the opportunity to see how you need to improve.

The homework assignment  is actually several assignments.  Including a 4 page inspiration collage and 10 fashion sketches  using the croquis figures.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew week 4

So  it is week four  of learn to sew and this week was strange to say the least.  We were locked out of our class for an hour because security  didn't open the door.  Another teacher stole our classroom in the rudest  way possible..And two student  from another class came to our session and took most of the teacher's energy.

I finally learned how to do a French seam on the upside..
Step one to a french seam- sew a seam with the wrong side facing together and the right sides of the fabric facing outward.

Miami Dade non credit courses seem disorganized.  I dropped one class  I was going to take.  I called and they said it was under enrolled... and I am hoping to take one more course that Starts on Sunday, I am hoping that the teacher has assignments  in which we produce something right away.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Creating: Fashion Design Class Broward College

Last night was my first fashion design class.  I was so excited.  I met Kristii first, she is a nineteen year old musician that has a talent for drawing and would like to attend SCAD. She shared her sketches and they are amazing.  Ms. Davidson, the teacher pointed me out and asked Melina? I had been emailing her via facebook to make sure I was ready for class.  It upsets me when people come to class late and don't have a pencil, which happened last night - it is disrespectful. I strive to be prepared and on time.

 Ms. Davidson announced that we were going to hit the ground running and she was not kidding.  With only seven classes left there is so much to do  already, but this is what I signed up for. She said that the purpose of the class was to prepare people for the fashion design world, meaning if you are curious about what the grueling fashion industry is like, this class will give you that fast paced taste.  The class actually is part of the Fast Track continuing education courses for Broward College.  And so it is exactly that fast.

When Ms. Davidson spoke about students cutting themselves, I blurted out, "What does it mean when the teacher mentions blood on the first class?!" Then she kept saying, not to panic.... And something about having the need to call her at 3 am!  I was thinking WHAT?! So I asked her,  "why would I be calling you at 3 am?"  Because  I am thinking, there is no way  I am going to ever be up at 3 am working on homework...then I remembered I used to do homework at 3am in university over 20 plus years ago.  Am I there again?   Oh no, I signed up for this!

So our first assignment was to draw the proportion of the head and to draw a static croquis figure.  I have practiced this before  but not the way she taught it, so  I was like ok here we go.... For homework 20 head drawings and three croquis figures  two of which are action with figure analysis.  I will be posting that once I do it.

So  I realized that Saturday to Saturday is 7 days and Wednesday to Wednesday seems like two days with all that stuff I have to do in between.  This is going to be a busy summer and I plan on blogging the whole experience.

Here is the class kit and book

regular price $80, this term it was free.
I love this book.  This is actually my second copy.

Sample from my practicing heads homework.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Creating: Craftsy A line skirt

When I subscribed as an online reader to threads magazine, they started to send me emails.  In one of the emails, I learned about Craftsy.com.  I signed up for a few classes, one being the zipper pouch class.  I decided to sign up for the A line skirt class, because it included pattern drafting and I wanted to get my "feet" wet before my fashion design class starts on Wednesday.  Here is a picture of my very first  attempt at pattern drafting.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew Class Week 3

June 8, 2013, class thinned out a little bit - less people showed up.  I really  don't blame them.  All we are doing is drill and kill assignments.  If are super new to sewing  I could see how this could be a turn off.  I thankfully know a little  something about sewing,  so these drill and kill assignments  are more like  tests  of my ability  to be accurate.  It tests my patience too, and I have re-named the class  "The Zen of Sewing."  The teacher Rucht  is getting more strict.  Even though it is a noncredit class, she checks the homework  and expects  that you give it your all.

Last week was about  sewing hems.  This week  I thought  was about  seams..  which is what I really  wanted to learn, but she changed it to pleats.  Yes, pleats!!! So  we did  one inch side pleats  and box pleats..  and the homework is  to practice.  I just might rebel  and show up with my first  made from scratch skirt instead, because that is really  what I want to do this week.
one inch side pleats
half inch side pleats
box pleat

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creating: sewing zipper pouch

I have been wanting to create a zipper pouch for awhile.  So I found a tutorial online and I am super happy with the results.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew Class Week 2

The homework  from last week also included  taking measurements. Again this week  the homework included taking measurements.  Nothing is being made in the class; it is just sewing straight lines so far.

The homework and classwork this week  included  working on creating hems.  Getting the stitches as close to the edge as possible.
 My goal is to try to the get the stitches as consistently spaced from the edge as possible.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew Class Week 1

I got into the Miami Dade College sewing class Learn to Sew Summer 2013.  The original teacher scheduled for the class decided  not to teach it and lucky for me  the new teacher Rucht D'Oleo decided to take the class.  When I found out she was the teacher I was excited!  She is a professional in the fashion industry.

The class supply list is as follows:

  1. Pins and hand sewing needles with cushion
  2. Dotted pattern paper (this one has been challenging to find a source, so I don't have any yet.)
  3. Fabric scissors and paper scissors
  4. Seam ripper
  5. Threads
  6. Thread clipper
  7.  Curve and straight rulers
  8. Tape measurement
  9. Transparent tape
  10. Mechanical pencil 07
  11. Notcher ( still need to get this)
  12. Tailor chalk
  13.  5 yards of Muslin fabric
  14. Tracing wheel (plan on getting a better one)

*Loop tuner
*3 yards of your favorite fabric for the last project
* pattern hangers
*suggested but not required 

The homework is to practice measuring figures and  sewing straight lines on muslin.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

creating: cat muzzle -sewing

So  I have a muzzle for my cat. I know what you are thinking-  cruel  right.  It is more  of a calming thing.  He purrs when you put it on.
 Well the seams inside always bothered me..that  doesn't seem comfortable  so I finally  decided to try to make one by putting all the seams on the outside.

 It is a mess of a sewing job, but he purred the moment  I put it on.
 I love the contour it created on his nose!.


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