Friday, December 30, 2016

Living: Montreal Night

For the 375 Celebration, the 375th year for the city of Montreal, several monumental sized lighting shows were made.  One was the lighting of the Biosphere on Jean Drapeau Parc with different colors.  The Biosphere was created for the Expo 67 in Montreal by Buckminister Fuller and was the American Pavillion.  I haven't been inside but I love looking at it when I come here.  I went to the Parc  just to capture this image.  I love walking around Montreal because there is always something of interest to see and  to learn about.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Living: Montreal Winter 2016

Vieux Montreal
I haven't posted for awhile.  I think that is because I keep adding blogging as a New Year's resolution and most of us know how successful some of those things can be.  This time I will post  to document what I am doing.  I am back in Montreal.  My Winter Self-Time, Fun in the City time.  Eating falafel at La Panthere Verte and walking around until my legs ache and I can barely more while taking photos of this amazing city.  I love the silence of Montreal.  Is is just me?  It is  so quiet here and there are a lot of people around.  My favorite part is that many times, I will find myself alone walking down a street or in the metro and I truly feel like the city is mine.   The  museums are educational and accessible in English and French.


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