Sunday, February 15, 2015

Living: Meditating

What  I  learned  yesterday.
Meditating  is  definitely  a space  that  you  create  to  hear  the answers.  I was wondering  how  I was  going to  say  something  and  the  words  started  to  flow,  I  grabbed  a pencil  and  started  writing  them  down.  Creating  a time  to  truly  connect  will  the  stillness  has benefited  me  in  all  sorts of  ways.  Lately  my  mantra  is  that  I  am  not  too busy  for  myself.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Living: Empath

Yesterday I was cleaning up  and  "all of  a sudden"  I  had  a  shooting  pain  then  a mass of  pain  in  my  right  ankle  area.  I  started  limping.  Then  I  thought for a moment.  The  computer  tech  was in the room.  I  walked  over  to him  and asked  him  where his  injury  was.  (He  has  a cast  and  it  was  taken  off  recently) He  pointed  to the  right outside  of  his  left  along the  ankle  ligaments  and  tendons  the  exact  same  places  I  was  feeling  the  sensations.  I  said,  "Your  injury  really  hurts,  I feel  it!"

Monday, February 9, 2015

Appreciating: wisdom

The  words  of  those  who  truly  care  about  us  and  the  advice  and  guidance  we  are given  from  the  past  and  in  the  present  is  something  I  value.  I  am  thankful  for  this  guidance.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Living: Manifesting my new world.

Okay  and  so,  I  decided  that  I  ready to  start this  thing. What  thing?,  you might be  thinking.  Restarting  my  blog  and  sharing  what  is  going on  in  my  life.  I  also  plan  on  doing some  new  videos  soon.   So  today  I  attended  a workshop  on  Pleasure  Chakras  and  it  was  about  opening  the root and  sacral  chakra  to  be  able  to  manifest  more in  my life.   The  teacher  was Evelor  Savior.  She  taught  the class about Life  Numbers  and  Soul  Pleasure  Codes.  My  codes  revealed  that  I have Awareness, Luxury, Knowledge, and  Boldness  in  my  path.  After her lecture,  Evelor  did a gong  meditation that was a DNA activation. I  have  attended  several  other  workshops  as  well that  I  hope  to  share.  I  attended  this  workshop  with  Chelsea,  She  is  fun and  spiritual  and  has  great  energy.  I  will  keep  you  updated.

Chelsea, Me, Evelor Savior


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