Saturday, November 27, 2010


How I came to love tea. When I was in middle school and or beginning high school.  I forget which one exactly, I asked my Mom, "What can I drink in the morning to wake up?" She said," Tea."  Hot tea. I do not like the taste of coffee, it doesn't taste healthy to me.  Tea was perfect.  I started drinking standard  Lipton black tea.  Then I was introduced to Green Tea  which has a lot of health benefits...immune system and metabolism.  I also drink white tea and herbal teas..if I drink too much chamomile tea  I get hyper oddly enough.  Tea is a part of my morning and evening routine. I drink it hot, winter, spring, summer, and fall. I used to frequent Starbucks  but they no longer serve my favorite two teas  Green Ginger  and I think the Berryblossom White tea  has been discontinued altogether.  You will find me at home with a cup of tea next to me, this is true right now.

Friday, November 26, 2010

No animals were harmed for me

 Waldolf salad: vegan style
Green beans and Gardein and cranberry sauce
Pumpkin "Cheesecake"-no dairy..  I only ate the crust though.

Being a vegan/vegetarian  means  alot to me.  It has been  a road of constantly changing eating habits  and becoming aware that has brought me here today.  I celebrated Thanksgiving eating vegan,  here are a few pictures of the fare.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank you and Thankful

Thank you for supporting my blog.

Thank you for staying positive and sharing the goodness in your life on your blog when I visit.

Thankful for all the guidance that is given to me through universal energy and connection.

Thankful for my ability to see that things happen for a reason and judgement of those things is not needed  good or bad...each a lesson or a journey.

Thankful for happiness, because happiness is the way.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I saw someone blog a list of currents and I thought that was a good idea (thank you someone).

Harry  Potter obsessed- will see the latest movie soon.

Thinking about learning to sew everyday

Daily affirmations for healing and appreciation

Spending time with my husband

Playing and snuggling with my kitties

Finding restaurants that serve vegetarian food.

Thankful for abundance in my life.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

14 years

Time is a mysterious thing.  I don't quite ever try to understand it.  Today  I realized that according to the calendar.  This Month's end marks 14 years since my father passed.  I have seen my father several times since then of course, because I love it when he makes the cameo appearances that he does in my dreams.  He is always with me and I am so very much like him (a blessing).  I am thankful for having his love in my life everyday of my life...the love lives on forever.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fashion September 2010


I am a fan of Project runway.  When I found out Nick Verreos was going to be in town  I was excited.  He presented the fashion show at Macy's.  My husband  came late but  he was able to finally meet Nick  who he is a fan of.  The night was fun.  A definite must do again for next year.


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