Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 365 Flickr group,

365 (a photo a day) 2009 flickr group link

I created a flickr group for the 365 project. The link is above. Anyone can join with agreement to a few simple rules:

Please post one photo a day. If you need to catch up you may post all those photos. Please name your photo in a fraction with your title example: 1/365: flowers. Thanks.

nothing offensive and please keep good taste.

Take a photo a day of things that have meaning in your life or that you find interesting.

This group is about taking a photo a day , one for every day of the year. It can be a picture of anything (within good taste- not offensive) that means something to you. This group marks my first year doing this project. If you are new to 365 please join me on my journey for 2009.

Let's support each other on this journey. I would love to see your photos.


Heather Bares said...

I joined!!! Looking forward to this challenge/project

jillconyers said...

I loved completing Project 365 in 2008! I'm doing something different in 2009 but I'll check in on our flickr group to see the photos :)

Nelle said...

I would love to join, but I am so not good at posting everyday. I will try to complete this project on my own though.

And I hope you Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Sarah C. said...

I signed up! This will be great to help me keep up with it and fun to see everyone else's photos. Thanks for setting up a group! :)

Renee said...

I am going to try to do this, but not starting until tomorrow. Will try to get by Flickr and join.


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