Thursday, March 5, 2009

Color Me Daisy March online crop: Dr. Seuss theme

Come by go to the message board and join us this weekend for an online crop...
All times Eastern Time (ET)

March 6 Friday
noon game- Mousey'smom
2 mini challenge- Mousey'smom
4pm challenge-Mousey'smom
6pm game- Mrs. Daisy
8pm mini challenge -Mara If I Ran A Zoo Card Challenge
10pm Challenge- Kristii
12am game-Kristii
March 7 Saturday
8 am- Dmisner
10 am Dmisner
noon game- Mousey's Mom
2pm mini challenge- Melina 8x8 LO "The Foot Book"
4pmchallenge-Melina 12 X 12 LO " The Shape of Me and Other Stuff"
6 game - Aimee
8pm mini challenge- Kristii
10pm Challenge - Mara The Sneeches Star Challenge
12am game- Mrs. Daisy
March 8 Sunday
noon game- Mara
2pm mini challenge- Aimee
4pm challenge- Aimee

1 comment:

jillconyers said...

Looks like fun. Thanks for the info.


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