Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh the FOOD....heaven is on a plate

My husband and I went to Mi Vida Cafe for my birthday. Raw Vegan Cupcakes Raw-k! Vegetarian and Vegan food is at is best that I ever tasted at this place. The owner and chef surprised me with putting a lit candle in my cupcake to celebrate my birthday.

I tried seitan for the first time.  I googled seitan and found
Seitan Sloppy Joe
This is what it said "Although it is made from wheat, seitan has little in common with flour or bread. Also called “wheat meat”, “wheat gluten” or simply “gluten”, seitan becomes surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute. Seitan is also high in protein, making it a popular protein source for vegetarians. Asian restaurants often use seitan as a vegetarian mock meat, and seitan is also the base for several commercially available products such as Tofurky deli slices."

Seitan tasted pretty good.  I don't know what meat tastes like anymore, so I cannot describe the taste.  The spices and everything make it amazingly flavorful. Definitely something to look into if you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian. I tend to stay away from any soy based products. To see more pictures go to their facebook page

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