Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Vipassana Experience - initial feelings

This is a video I made after coming back from my Vipassana experience in July 2011.  It is was not what I expected to be feeling  and I learned early on in the course that changes can happen very quickly there.  My experiences  were all over the place  from realizations, to sleep deprivation, to extreme heart palpitations (which I read that a girl died at Vipassana because of heart problems.)  In the end,  I see a few subtle changes.  It was a difficult experience and one that I would not endure again because of my circumstances.  One thing is for sure, I have begun to walk down the path of enlightenment and it may take some more lifetimes to come closer to the true peace it provides. There are several stories to be told from my experience.  I will start by linking the post to my video  which is extreme and about the heart palpitations and how they made me feel or rather how I reacted to having them.

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