Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vipassana Experience Part 6

In this video, I talk about the Vipassana "Voodoo" as I like to call it. Something interesting happened to me while I was there. I definitely noticed it. The energy...the nature really effected me.


tarabhatt said...

Hey Melina!
I came across your vipassana experience videos, starting from the packing part ;) while looking for them on you tube.. & I watched all 5 videos :) because I kind of liked your effort and it was interesting to hear your account of it all.. this course helps us get a glimpse of what our mind is capable of.. like how you could run without any major issues that day... I have done the course twice and just last wk i got back from my third time when I served as dhamma worker.. Helping others thru the 10 days has much more impact and it influences you to practice it regularly than just doing the course. ofcourse thats what I experienced..

just hope I keep sitting for an hour or two every day and reap the benefits of it.

with metta :)

Jan scrap said...

I too watched all your vids. I too suffer from food intolerances, soya included. The suffocation, heart palpitations are the same symptoms as I get when I eat food that does not agree with me.
I really think your heart problems were because you ate what you cannot tolerate. They are classic symptoms as are leg and feet difficulties. When someone else prepares your food you have no control over what they put in.

I am booked for vipassana August 2012, my only concern is the food. I have a huge list of food I cannot eat, a very restricted diet. I dont want food problems to spoil my experience as it seems to of done with you.


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