Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew 2 Week one and two

I decided..even though it is very rough on my schedule to take  Learn to Sew part 2 with Rucht D'Oleo.  The more  I see her  the more I like her.  She is tough  I think that is why.  I like the teacher  that pushes you.  First  class  was  run don't walk and  some of us (including me) didn't bring all our stuff.  (Hanging my head).

First class we drafted necklines from slopers  and  are learning to draft FACINGS.  Next week  BIAS tape!! YES!! (arm pump).

For homework  and yes again her class  has a lot of homework  and  this time she has it  that if you don't do the homework.  you don't have any classwork, because the homework is the setup for the classwork, at least next class is that way.  Somehow  I see that it is probably  going to be that for all the sessions.

Week two --Well in class I totally  got confused with the turning of the facings and we ( the class) didn't get to do bias tape and now we all are behind on the syllabus.  This sewing is definitely  a lot of work.

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