Thursday, January 29, 2015

Living and Creating: insight

Today I was talking  to  someone I  haven't seen in a few days.  I  asked,"Where were you?"  She  said  she  was at the hospital.  Her  cousin  was  bitten  by a caterpillar and  his  eye  became swollen.  All  of a sudden  I  realized  I  was looking at a boy  who  was  3 or  4 years old  and  had  dirty  blonde  hair.  I  asked  her.  Is  your cousin  3 or  4 years  old  and  she  confirmed  that  he  is  3,  And  then  I  asked,  "Does  he  have blonde  hair  but  more  brownish?" She  thought  about  it,"  It  is  light  but  is  more  brown."  When  I  retold  this  to  my  mother  she  understood what  happened    right  away.

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