Saturday, November 27, 2010


How I came to love tea. When I was in middle school and or beginning high school.  I forget which one exactly, I asked my Mom, "What can I drink in the morning to wake up?" She said," Tea."  Hot tea. I do not like the taste of coffee, it doesn't taste healthy to me.  Tea was perfect.  I started drinking standard  Lipton black tea.  Then I was introduced to Green Tea  which has a lot of health benefits...immune system and metabolism.  I also drink white tea and herbal teas..if I drink too much chamomile tea  I get hyper oddly enough.  Tea is a part of my morning and evening routine. I drink it hot, winter, spring, summer, and fall. I used to frequent Starbucks  but they no longer serve my favorite two teas  Green Ginger  and I think the Berryblossom White tea  has been discontinued altogether.  You will find me at home with a cup of tea next to me, this is true right now.


Rach H said...

I love tea too! I especially love the loose leaf teas from Teavana- you should check them out!

Tracy said...

I would choose tea over coffee any day.
Not only do I hate the taste of coffee, I also hate the smell of it. I thought there were only 3 of us coffee haters in the world LOL.


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