Monday, January 2, 2012

Favorite JUNK Food- is actually super healthy

 Chili con Kale
Walnut Pate with Chipotle

My favorite JUNK food isn't junk food at all  but it tastes so good  it seems like it should not be good for you.  My new favorite place to eat is Choices Vegan Cafe.  I went there in November and re-visited last week and decided, "Yes, this is my new favorite place."  I wasn't one for spicy food, but I love the way the food is spiced here  and when I say spicy  I don't mean "hot".  The baked sweet potatoes still satisfy the old french fries cravings..  I think eventually I will stop ordering them, once I wean myself off.  The menu has changes and there are so many more options that I can have now.

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