Wednesday, October 21, 2015

living: Montreal, Canada

When I  found  myself, the  second  time  this summer in Montreal, I  decided  that  I  wanted to  see the Cross atop of Mont Royal.  I  kept  seeing it  from a distance  when  I  was  walking  down in the city.  I worked  my  way  back  to  the Chateau on Mont Royal, after sweating and climbing through trails  I newly  explored, I finally  reached it towards the top, the Chateau  that is.  I rested a bit  and  asked  the information desk attendant  for  directions to the Cross.  Ten  minutes up the main path.  I  was  so  close  before.  I  was super  tired  and exhausted, but  that  didn't  matter.  I  came  to see the Cross.  I  walked  on the path  for  8  minutes when I realized,  the  Cross was  close.  I  felt it  and  as I  rounded the corner  there it  was.  There  were about  fifteen  tourists  at the foot  of the Cross; talking and taking a break  from  hiking  up  Mont Royal.  I  joined  them by sitting at the foot of the Cross.    After a few people left,  I took  some photos  and decided that  I was going to  figure out the fastest  way  back down Mont Royal  that  didn't  involve  too  much  walking.  I  did  find it.  The  road  and  the  second overlook of the city.  I really  enjoyed  exploring  this  and  I fell  more in love with Montreal  and  I  want  to  know  more.

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