Saturday, October 24, 2015

Living: Falling in Love with Montreal

I  went  to  new  heights  during  my  August  trip to  Montreal.  In  July, my  first time back to Montreal in five years,  I saw these  people hanging from wires and walking on wooden planks.  I  thought totmyself at the time, "I need to be brave enough to do that." So in August when I returned suddenly to Montreal,  I  decided  to  try  the  Voiles en Voiles experience  of  walking  through the planks of the Pirate Ship  theme attraction.  I was 13 feet ( not  35  feet  like  the  higher level) above the air attached to a zipline. The  expereience had  its  ups and  downs and  I  saw  many  adults and kids  experience  the struggle  that one  has with  heights  and  trusting the zipline and oneself.  It was definitely a memorable experience. The  summer in  Montreal  was wooing me with the fun, attractions, and beautiful  weather.

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