Monday, November 23, 2015

Living: From yesterday Montreal

I was  sitting a café indoors  at the bar seats  that  are parallel to the window overlooking the street.  I sat down leaving one seat between me and the gentleman already there.  I got  my food  and began to eat when I noticed  that he was writing on white notebook paper with blue lines  that looked as if they were pulled from a book.  He laughs.  "He is a writer",  I thought.  I thought." I am writer too."  I  looked over to him and asked, "Are you a writer?" He said  something in French and  then said in  English, "It is just a hobby of mine."  I  went  back to eating my food.  When he  got  up to leave he said  to me, " Have a nice day."  I  turned and replied, "Bonne Journee."  A  voice in my  head  said try to write what you think.  I  forgot to pack my journal  so  I started on a napkin but  I think all the good thoughts happened before  I  started writing it down  because  I was noticing some cool  things out the window before I started writing.  Here is what I captured.

You must love your cat if you are willing to walk for blocks in the cold with a large bag of kitty litter on your shoulder.  What kind of gloves are those? People behind me speaking French. Should I listen?  I am getting hot.  This bookbag is heavy.  I  have to blow my nose again.  What time is it? I really need to sit up straight.  My ear itches.  My back hurts when I sit wrong. I like the jacket in the Boutique window. Really again! (blows nose) 1:28pm  I like this weather, especially since I have this jacket.  Sit up straight.  Really  (blows nose)  Montreal men are good looking.  This ragout tastes good.  She is wearing a jacket like the one in the window.  Chinese girl. Green hair.  Litter on the sidewalk. Rolling stones playing. Ahh my back.  That lady is  only wearing thin tights on her legs.  This guy looks interesting.  I wonder if the cold stops people from shopping.  her legs must be  cold.  Dan Foggerty playing.  The reflections of the lights inside look cool when you look outside (seems like a philosophy of life) Noticing chills on my head.  this is a lot of food.  If I stay her long enough, it'll help me later.  The hot chocolate here, isn't that hot. It just tastes good.  I feel a hot chocolate mustache  (wipes mouth) Ahh  I feel full.  My hands hurt from the luggage yesterday.  Oh I wonder if she lives there. Couple looking in the window and go inside the boutique.  What time is it? 1:42pm.  I am going to ask for a to go bag.

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