Friday, November 27, 2015

Living: Snow in Montreal

 (Draft)All  I  wanted  was a little  snow  for my trip  to Montreal to make being there even more magical than it  normally  is.  I  watched the predicted weather forecast for a month on  It would  predict: snow  then  no snow, snow, then no snow.  And  as  the forecast  came  out for the week I would be here again no snow.  So  your can imagine  how  surprised  I was  to look at the weather  a few days  after I arrived  and  saw that snow  was predicted for  that  night.  Well  needless to  say  I  woke  up  several  times in the middle of the night, like a child  wanting to catch a glance of Santa  on Christmas eve. I threw off  the bedsheets and ran to the window, threw back the curtain and just started outside looking for white flakes in the sky.  I was hoping to see the first snow fall.   At midnight, no  snow. Then I woke up,  again still no snow. At 5:33 am, I went to the window and  saw snow on the ground and the sidewalks.  It didn't seem  like it was snowing so  I started making breakfast, toast and tea.  I put the bread in the toaster and I turned on the tea kettle for water.  At  6:00 am , I walked to the window again, it was really snowing.  I opened the door on my  6th floor balcony and was laughing.  It's  snowing!  The white flakes dances in the air and I tried to catch them. So I ran inside and then ran  around the hotel room trying to figure out what to wear and get dressed fast to go out and be in  the snow.  The accuweather only stated a few flurries for the  next  hour.  I  wanted  to  take advantage of  this  opportunity it  might  not  last.
     I got  all  my clothes on and put a hand warmer in my pocket and  ventured outside into what would be an unknown to me. This was my first time seeing snow as an adult. Snow was falling from the sky and some flakes landed on my eye glass lenses.  I took my grey water resistant bookbag off and grabbed my umbrella.  Ok,  now  I  will  stay drier and  be  able  to see clearer.  I decided to walk up Avenue du Parc and make my way to Mont Royal. It was still dark outside.  The snow was like a rain shower. It was coming down faster and it was all  around me dancing in the air.  I put my tongue out to try to catch a few flakes.  I felt happy and young. 
    As I started the uphill climb to the base of Mont Royal off of Avenue du Parc, I questioned myself.  Was this really a good  idea? It is cold.  I am getting cold and frozen stuff is falling from the sky and I don't have a valid  metro pass so I cannot  jump on the bus for a warm safe ride back.  I kept walking.  I pulled my fleece scarf with the fringed edges over my face and mouth. All anyone could see of my face would be my eyes and glasses.  Just then, my lenses fogged up.  Okay  I'm getting to see there is an art to this snow thing and I am on the learning curve.  I finally reached the sculpture at the base of Mont Royal.  I took several pictures of it this summer, now  I will have fall pictures.  I liked  that I chose this location because it was early and people were not yet visiting this area and there were no footprints in the snow.  I took out my camera and my cellphone and snapped a few pictures.  I was really cold and hungry to, the  bread was still sitting in the toaster.
     I  went  back to the hotel  to  warm up and eat breakfast.  After an hour,  I  looked out the window and realized it was still snowing.  That was it.  I decided I was going to spend the whole day outside.  I walked around Montreal aimlessly, turning down streets  I had  not  ventured onto before.  It was a cold 31 F and  I  was loving the  opportunity  to  have  this experience. 
Old Port, Montreal in the Afternoon

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