Sunday, November 22, 2015

Living: Montreal arrival

Draft__When I arrived on the plane, and I was looking out the window expecting to see all the fall leaves golden and orange.  I was too late.  The trees are sleeping now and all  I  saw were the few evergreens among miles of bare brown branches.  It  was okay.  I knew that Montreal would still be magical to me.  I do Angel card and Energy card readings on myself, yeah  I  believe in that sort of  stuff and  that sorta stuff  believes in me because it honestly guides me to the truth.  Before I left Miami, I did several readings and the card that stuck in my mind is  that I would have several delays.  My first  thought was please not the trip.  I  will  move around  energy to change  that!
   I took the 747 bus into the city from the airport.  I got on the bus  just fine, actually it was just sitting there waiting for me to get on.  The  bus driver said next stop 6 and then drove what seemed like two feet to pick up a guy and that was stop six.  He didn't say  "Stop six" when he stopped the bus. I rudely blurted, "That was stop 6! I just missed  my stop . Can you let me out  here."  Yes the answer was ,"No." I  got  at  stop 7. I missed my stop by  three or four blocks!  I had a sinus headache, it was cold outside. I had to drag all my stuff.  No use complaining.  I had to get to the  hotel, so I just started walking to the west until  I saw something vaguely familiar.
     It  was  45 degrees fahrenheit but  I was sweating!  sweating! what  does the Omniheat technology in  the jacket work that well!  I  am glad I didn't  get that other double lined jacket.  It is much warmer here than I anticipated.  Actually that is a weird thing for  me to say  because my experience of cold  is  opening up my freezer door  and standing there thinking, "That's cold." 
    I turned the corner at Phillips, not exactly sure where I am and the Baie, a familiar clothing store.  I saw the Christmas lights and groups of people  and it was like "Ahh"  angels singing to me, magic.  I  struggled to  get the wheels of my luggage over the cracks in the side walk.  Navigating would take more of an effort from this point on and I would also  have  to push the luggage  uphill.  I was close to the hotel though, but  not  that close.  When  I finally made it  to  the  hotel, I was hot, sweaty, and just wanting to sit for a moment.
    I  walked up to the reservation counter  and said,"J'ai une reservation pour Borrero."  I walk across the room to the garbage can and throw a tissue out and walk back to the corner trying to get my jacket off. "It's hot in here, wow, it is hot in here!"  "Can you spell that." the concierge asked. "B-O-R-R-E-R-O," I spelled and it was obvious I had an American accent.  "We don't have a reservation for you under that name." the concierge replied. "I immediately said," Don't tell me that. Just tell me you have the room I want." I knew I had printed out the receipt from Expedia. Oh and Expedia you messed up big time.  The concierge found the reservation under my first and middle name.  I wasn't freaked about the situation.  I just know things  will turn out well, just  not the way I always  expect.  I have gotten used to this as a theme in my life lately. "May  I have 4 extra rolls or  toilet paper and two large towels sent up  to my room." I asked.  The concierge looked at me as if to  say, " What do you need all that for?" but replied, "Yes."  I got the key  and went up  to the room.
     When I opened the door to the sixth floor room, immediately  I was like what, "It's hot in here."  I  walked over the window and tried to open it, it was stuck then I went to the door  for the
balcony and opened it and propped it to stay open with an end table.  Right then it when I heard a knock on the door.  The  concierge delivered the toilet paper and towels.  "Thank you."  I  said  and invited him in.  He looked shocked because in the two minutes it took him to come upstairs I  had already flung my stuff all over the place. It was the same look my Dad used to give me when I would come from college to visit and I  would  walk in and unpack immediately  by opening my suitcase and throwing things out of it as if to say  I  am marking my territory. "How does this heating system work? Is it the air forced thing at the bottom?" I asked pointing to the vented strip along the wall. "Can I control the temperature?"  The concierge  walked over to the thermostat and showed me where the controls were.  I  told  him  to  turn  it all the  way  down. "I  came from Florida to experience the cold."  I  thanked him  again and  he  left.
     I took  out  some more things form my suitcase.  I couldn't help myself and I turned the computer on.  I needed to see what time La Panther Verte,  my favorite restaurant, closed. Nine o'clock.  If I  leave  here I  can go to the grocery stores and the Jean Coutu, the pharmacy store and get back in plenty of time to walk to La Panthere Verte.  I walk two block still sweating.  I go to Couffin Bio first, they close at 7pm and when I looked in the girl was mopping the floors preparing for the closing. I left with two bags.  I  ran across the street to Jean Coutu for candles and a lighter.  Something I always  do  now  when  I come to Montreal  to let the angels know  I am here.  When  I asked for a lighter, because they are behind the counter, the clerk pick one up  and asked "It's $1.39 is it ok?"  I  said sure, not caring I was just  thinking I need something to light the candles with.  I  paid and throw the items in my already filled bags.  It was only later when I lit the candle  that I noticed the lighter said "love" on it.  Okay time to go  to Provigo, water and baking soda, check.
   I get back to the Hotel room.  Un pack everything quickly.  take off my huge winter coat. Take off my glove. Wait, where is my other glove?!  What!  come  on  I  have just been here for a few hours!  I  frantic  look  in m jacket's pockets, the bags, my bookbag.  I look  on  the  floor.  I  grab my  jacket and  I  go  into  the  hall.  no.  I  go  in the  elevator, no glove.  I go onto the street and head back  to the stores.  I hope  I  have  enough  time to go  to La Panthere Verte.  I  could  use  some food.
   I go to Couffin Bio, good  they are still opened, "I stick my head in the door, "Did I leave my glove. It would have been on the counter."  "No", was the response. I go to  Provigo, surely  the  clerk  remembers  me  my  ten dollar  bill wouldn't get accepted by the machine.  I  saw her.  I could tell she recognized me.  I asked, "Do you see a glove?" Holding up  the  hot pink glove I  had left.  She said  no.  I went to the main counter.  I  didn't either bother to try my French. "Did anyone turn in a glove?" No, she shook her head.  In a hurry, oh wait, this is my second delay.  I  started walking back  to the hotel looking on the street. I cannot believe I lost my glove, I just got  here.  No  change  your thoughts I  thought immediately to myself.  I am sure I am going to find my glove it is not lost.  Just then I looked up and on the side of the the sidewalk on personal property was a small guide rail with a hot pink glove draped over it.

I  smiled big and took the glove and said aloud, "Thank you whomever you are. Thank you."  I kissed my gloved and put it back on.  Thinking about street germs for a brief moment. Not caring.  And walked straight to La Panthere Verte and ordered Hot Chocolate and Falafel, my favorite. 


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