Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 27 - Go Vegan because even people who don't want to do it - try it

I would  say  everyone knows that  being a vegan is good for you and the planet, but that it  not true  everyone  doesn't know  about eating vegan.  I met one of these people in a doctor's  office, it was the secretary.  I was talking  and I mentioned that I was vegan and her immediate reaction was," What's vegan?"

More than ever  the words Vegan and celebrity and being put together in headlines.  People just want to be better.  They are the role models society look to for trends and  how to live. More and more people are becoming aware of what  vegan means.

Ne- Yo the musician - entertainer  is reportedly made his 2013 New Year's resolution to want to try to become  vegan.  People  stuck  in a certain  mindset  may  not  find living a gentler kinder way easy at first after  eating  like the cruel masses  all their life...We will see if Ne-Yo  can do it,  I know he can if he is serious  about being more humane.

Live Science 2013 article  about more people  resolving to change their diet.

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