Sunday, June 23, 2013

Creating: Fashion Design Class Broward College week 2

Ok  NOW I know why  Ms.Davidson  said  we would want to call her at 3am!! Week two assignments  are alot of homework and  I peeked at week 3 assignments  and that is alot too. By peeking..I mean all the assignments  are online, I just looked at the future weeks work..  Ms. Davidson did an awesome job organizing the course and you know exactly what is expected from you. If  I don't do these assignments immediately after class there is no way  I could  make up the time to complete this all at once!!.  So if you take this course- dedicate time to it  otherwise the end  will not be fun.

Here is one of my croquis figures  from Week one's homework assignment:

First attempt, Ms. Davidson drew some correcting lines on this figure.

Second attempt,  I redrew the figure and taped the second version over the first croquis.

In class, Ms. Davidson asked to see our homework.  ONLY TWO people did it!  I was one of them.  She gave me feedback on my Croquis figures and helped me to see my mistakes in analysis and  I told her I would redo some  and I did and I drew  some more too.  Well, for the  in class assignment you guess it, the croquis figure  to do the classwork.  I was glad I was set, being prepared  makes the class easier and the feedback from the teacher gives you the opportunity to see how you need to improve.

The homework assignment  is actually several assignments.  Including a 4 page inspiration collage and 10 fashion sketches  using the croquis figures.

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