Saturday, June 29, 2013

Living and Appreciating: 3 pigeons and the spirits

I was driving to sewing class and right in the middle of the road was a pigeon.  You might think pigeon in the road  was not going to move.  I can tell these things..  I bird watch..  I had to swerve to avoid it.  Near the next light,  a pigeon flew down into the street  right in front on my car.  I stopped and honked my horn.  I didn't want to hurt it  and  was thinking about the car behind me...hoping they would be nice.  Before the next light,  again a pigeon flew down into the street in front of me.  I stopped.  Universe is talking to me.  This is an undeniable sign.  When things happen in threes  I take notice and action...Signs are a door  to walk through.  I stopped all the noise in my head and returned to peace and re-centered.  Thank you universe.

I went to sewing class.

After class was over, two people from my class were having a conversation in Spanish.  I can barely understand Spanish  unless I know the context.  However for "some reason",  I felt the need to be noisy and ask what was going on.  The woman told me that her mother was stressed out and that she had nothing to be stressed out about.  The doctors cannot find anything wrong with her.  I hesitated  but I knew I had to help somehow and said it is spirits.  I asked  does she get charlie horses in the morning? She has strange pains and nothing is wrong with her..Sounds right.  I told them about the time I was walking through a parking lot and I walked through "something"  it was like it hit me or walked through me."  Both woman said immediately afterwards that they both got chills.  

I explained that I knew how the Mom felt because I had gone through that my whole life.  The woman eager to help her mother inquired about how I was able to "solve" it.  I told her  how  I was guided to some videos  that show the clearing of spirits process and that I live by that now.  I emailed her the information immediately when I returned home.  I really hope this guidance helps them, because I felt that I (as in universal spirit) was meant to share it with them today.

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