Sunday, June 16, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew week 4

So  it is week four  of learn to sew and this week was strange to say the least.  We were locked out of our class for an hour because security  didn't open the door.  Another teacher stole our classroom in the rudest  way possible..And two student  from another class came to our session and took most of the teacher's energy.

I finally learned how to do a French seam on the upside..
Step one to a french seam- sew a seam with the wrong side facing together and the right sides of the fabric facing outward.

Miami Dade non credit courses seem disorganized.  I dropped one class  I was going to take.  I called and they said it was under enrolled... and I am hoping to take one more course that Starts on Sunday, I am hoping that the teacher has assignments  in which we produce something right away.

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