Saturday, June 8, 2013

Creating: Learn to Sew Class Week 3

June 8, 2013, class thinned out a little bit - less people showed up.  I really  don't blame them.  All we are doing is drill and kill assignments.  If are super new to sewing  I could see how this could be a turn off.  I thankfully know a little  something about sewing,  so these drill and kill assignments  are more like  tests  of my ability  to be accurate.  It tests my patience too, and I have re-named the class  "The Zen of Sewing."  The teacher Rucht  is getting more strict.  Even though it is a noncredit class, she checks the homework  and expects  that you give it your all.

Last week was about  sewing hems.  This week  I thought  was about  seams..  which is what I really  wanted to learn, but she changed it to pleats.  Yes, pleats!!! So  we did  one inch side pleats  and box pleats..  and the homework is  to practice.  I just might rebel  and show up with my first  made from scratch skirt instead, because that is really  what I want to do this week.
one inch side pleats
half inch side pleats
box pleat

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