Monday, June 24, 2013

Creating: Patternmaking class Week 1

Well,  I finally got to meet Jill Odermann.  She is the teacher for the patternmaking class I am taking on Sundays this summer.  Now I am definitely sad  the fashion design class was cancelled, but at the same time  still  remember  it was for the best.   Jill Odermann  definitely is a WIZ KID at pattern drafting..  She can  whip up a bodice in about 5 minutes... even.less if she wasn't talking to us. A girl in my class drove two hours  to take this class and this is her second time taking it!  I am excited  to see what  I can create  after  having slopers to use for pattern drafting.  Here is a picture of the paper pattern  from class.  For homework  I have to sew a muslin..

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