Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 19 - Go vegan - Know your tea

Tea is a major part of my day.   I enjoy it and I have a mug  next to me as I write this.  Know thyself  and help thyself  by knowing more about the healing powers of tea.  Vegans are health conscious people.  Food gives us the things we need to heal and  knowing the best  sources  makes this life's journey so much more easier.

here are links to information about tea

hot tea
Health Mad
Mayo Clinic

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Jennifer said...

LONG time no chat. How are you!? Thought you might enjoy the Tea Blog I co-own...Sororitea Sisters! - I also belong to a wonderful tea community over at - there are lots of us vegetarians over there too! of my new blogs!
I'm still following your blog from years ago but wanted to swing by and actually sorry it's been so long :)


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