Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 4- Go vegan in 30 days

So once  your mindset is in  I am going to be healthy and help the planet mode.  It is a win win situation.  Going vegan  benefits the earth.  Here is something to show you  the impact you are making on the planet  by choosing  this new lifestyle and thinking about food.  Please click here to see how you are making a difference.

So now lets talk about food.  The biggest thing for me was to focus on cutting out the junk.  Food needs to be  nutritious not just something for the sake of eating...that doesn't work.  I did not focus on what I like  I just wanted a change.  At first  I did mock meat..  I don't recommend that  because they  have a lot of soy and sodium. However it is a place where many people like myself start because that is all part of the previous programming.   I suggest  you start  here:


You want to change your life and body and mood and really feel great..  Superfood.  Chances are you already have had them.  You just need to incorporate more of them  into your everyday eating habits.  This is a habit change.

5 vegan superfoods - read this

Quinoa  this is one source of protein.  Don't worry about will get it in a different way now...ignore all the other things you have heard.. you don't need a dead animal to survive-  look at all the people in India that grow up Vegetarians from birth.

I love Quinoa,  I don't eat rice...I eat quinoa - packs more good stuff in it and with black beans  it is a super meal.

What you don't have time to cook  or don't like to cook....then you just said you are not committed to being healthy  or you want a raw food option.  Leave a comment.

FLAX seed.  I have flaxseed oil everyday, but you can sprinkle ground flaxseed in your toast and peanut butter chia seed breakfast too.

Read the 5 vegan superfood article above to see why Quinoa and Flaxseed are so important in my diet.

Elimination:  So far  you have stopped eating butter, margarine, drinking milk,  you are working on eliminating cheese and fast food with meat or animal products.

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