Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 3- Go Vegan in 30 days and lose weight

Okay it is DAY 3...

The key to changing your life and reclaiming your health and wanting to do more than lose weight is changing your mindset.  This is not meant to be a fad  or a quick  lose weight thing.  Being a vegan  and being thin takes dedication and education.  Society is ruled by corporations and governments  that have brainwashed us into thinking  a certain way was healthy(food pyramid)  when it is not.

Choose today to change your mind.   Eating is not about what you like and what you don't like -as is taste...  It is about...  do I want to be healthy and live dis-ease free  or will I make excuses to keep myself in misery, an unhealthy lifestyle, and maybe even overweight.

When I started on my journey  I was lucky  my body was telling me that milk and meat and soy were bad for me and I stopped eating them..  do I miss it..  I laugh when people ask..  Do I miss feeling bad, being poisoned, and being bloated and getting sick?  Ah  no!

Are you ready to really get this party started?

The easiest way to go vegan for me was eliminating foods  and then building my new food "vocabulary"  notice  I didn't  say "substitute  new food for old...

Today I hope you ate breakfast. Remember I eat:

One slice:
Food for life  Sprouted Grain Bread-flourless  7 Sprouted grains

Organic Unsweetened Peanut butter smear

Chia seeds from  bulk bin at Wholefood

Mug of Green tea.

Continue to  eliminate all drinkable milk, and start eliminating all cheese and yogurt  ending all consumption of those products in two weeks..  From today on..  NO PIZZA  read this article to see why this is so important.
Pizza is bad

Tomorrow  I will blog about  which foods  I eat.

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