Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 6 Go vegan in 30 days

If you have been reading since day one,  You probably realize that is is more than  don't eat meat and dairy.  This is about making a life changing move toward extremely better health and energy and redefining your ideas about food.

SUGAR....if you have a sweet tooth...this is going to be an addiction worth kicking the habit of.  Sugar is crack or heroine..  might as well be.  ever try to stop? well read the article and watch this video  you will learn just how bad it is.

Is sugar toxic? New York Times

Is sugar toxic? 60 minutes video

The risk of some people who change eating habits is to satisfying their sweet tooth.  I know it happened to me. Luckily  I was able to control myself and realized that sugar begins to effect my body in negative ways that I can now feel instantly.. like in the video.   I suggest grapes, and any other fruit like pears as a dessert rather than any baked goods.  Also chocolate  but good quality with a  low glycemic index.

Glycemic Index for Fruits  Livestrong

Glycemic Index chart  check out some of foods you eat..  French Fries 95!

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