Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 2 - 30 days to going vegan and lose weight

Day 2 -  Hope you had your Chia seeds with your breakfast and your green tea.  I eat this everyday.

These tips are not going to be about recipes and such,  These tips are meant to get you motivated to living, appreciating, and creating a better world and healthier lifestyle.

This is real important the exclusion tips are a must..those are the real game as of day one and beyond  no Butter  no   no milk... as in no milk or cream in your coffee and no milk in your cereal, no drinking a glass of milk or whipped cream...I will try to make these baby steps and add on exclusion a little more everyday.

Not eating dairy will help magically eliminate dis-ease  from your body.  You really are what you eat.

Read these articles about dairy to understand why giving up dairy is important for your health and the world.

11 reasons why not to have dairy
Why not drink milk?
video-Why you should avoid dairy at all costs  (by  Dr. Mark Hyman )

This will help you lose weight and feel healthy.  No dairy will equal  surge in energy and health.

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